• Rachel Denning

Spying on My Husband

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

"This is one of those moments -- moments like those I experienced before... Moments that alter the course of our life. Moments that make me quote Robert Frost to myself."

I peek out the window to spy on my husband.

We had been waiting for two days. Every time the phone rang my heart skipped a beat. Now the call had finally come. And my husband, Greg, is taking it on the deck where the reception is better and the kid noise is not as loud.

I watch through the window blinds trying to read body language and straining to catch bits of the conversation. The quesadillas are burning on the stove and my four very young children whine in hunger.

But I can’t think about that right now. I’m shaking with anticipation and my stomach is in knots. This is one of those moments -- moments like those before he quit his corporate job and we moved to Costa Rica. Or when I sold my wedding ring and we bought one-way tickets to the Dominican Republic. Moments that alter the course of our life. Moments that make me quote Robert Frost to myself.

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood… I took the one less traveled by...

Which road will we be taking now? That’s what I’m dying to know at the moment. He turns and I can see him. A wide grin covers his face. I know the news is what he’d been hoping, so I hurry back to the quesadillas and feign innocence.

He opens the door a few moments later and lets out his characteristic “Woohoo!!!” which sends our two oldest kids -- age seven and five -- into excited shrieks and giggles.

Lifting me into the air he twirls me around.

“We’re in! We’re moving to India!!”

Hearing it out loud makes it real and I’m stunned into silence. I can’t believe it. We’re moving to India. He gave up the $100,000 a year sales job with the clothing allowance, company vehicle, and phone in exchange for a $25,000 a year job in India working for a non-profit and living in a remote village.

Then the stomach knots turn into bubbles of excitement that move upward and erupt into a smile.

I couldn’t be happier.

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